Thursday, August 17, 2006

mystery beast!

In this morning's paper there was a small piece of news from Turner, Maine: it seems that the mystery beast that had been attacking dogs and making weird noises at night was hit by a car on the highway and its body left to rot, food for crows.

Residents around Turner had long been complaining about this marauding mystery beast. One woman who saw it said, "It was evil, evil-looking. And it had a horrible smell I will never forget."

The oddest thing about this morning's notice was the fact that wildlife officials haven't even bothered to go and LOOK at the body. The flesh might be all gone, but come on! The bones might still be there! If you were hit by a car in boonies Maine, wouldn't you want somebody to come and poke your remains with a stick?

I, for one, would be curious to know just what the Hell this mystery beast was.


Anonymous said...

I bet it's Wormtongue

Anonymous said...

Why did I assume you would just sorta know what it was?

-- JC