Wednesday, May 02, 2007

double and treble joy!

It's May, the lusty month of May, and over at Open Letters Monthly, the staff of sexy young things has once again offered all of you a delightful nosegay of intellectual posies! The site LOOKS better than ever before, thanks to the gentle ministrations of Web-Czar Nick, and it features some of the very best prose you'll find anywhere, online or off. See John Cotter once again elegantly, feelingly dissect two new volumes of poetry! See young newcomer Garrett Handley take on the Royal Shakespeare Society's new tome of the Bard's works! See Sam Sacks stick it to those pesky Christians! See Adam Golaski sing the praises of forgotten poet Paul Hannigan! See Jennifer Knox examine the nature of refuges - real and imagined - in her poem 'Cabin'! See Steve Donoghue natter on about one damn thing after another! And, of course, try in vain to conquer the site's monthly quiz! And all of it served up free, under a beautifu photo by Ranjit Doroszkiewicz!

Go feast your brain, and be sure to leave a thoughtful comment or two (that rules you out, Beepy - No Manatee Need Apply!)

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