Friday, June 01, 2007

Open Letters Monthly!

There's cause for big smiles over at Open Letters Monthly, where the June 'refreshment' is up and bursting all over with delicious content. Wunderkind writer Sam Sacks reviews the literary life of wunderkind writer Michael Chabon. John Cotter, at length and in gorgeous prose, writes about a poet you probably haven't heard of but should. Enigmatic freelancer Hugh Merwin takes Barbara Kingsolver out to the woodshed - or maybe in her case the pantry - over the organic food craze. Yours truly is on hand, stemwinding about one damn thing after another. And there's lots more besides, in Open Letters' biggest, best issue to date, all of it served up with eye-catching professionalism by our redoubtable web Czar Nick. So click on over to Open Letters and join in the fun. Then be sure to come back here, so's I can continue EDUMICATING you bloodthirsty little ewoks!

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