Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Time to Shout!

That happy day has arrived once again - the first of the month, and a new issue of Open Letters Monthly, courtesy of our inimitable Web Czar Nick and just bursting with delicious content! Read Sam Sacks' hilarious forensic examinations of Ian McEwan and Khaled Hosseini! Read John Cotter's take-no-prisoners review of the latest novel by Annie Dillard (an essayist we all love, but still ...)! Thrill as young seminary student Ignazio deVega risks all by reviewing the latest book by his boss, the Pope! Enjoy Karen Vanuska's account of the new novel by Michael Ondaajte! Take in yet another wonderful poem by Sommer Browning! Join Chris Tonelli as he keeps an eye on the contemporary poetry scene! Patiently endure my own fulminations on one damn subject after another! And, as always, tear your hear out trying - and failing - to conquer the Open Letters Monthly Quiz! This is a serious amount of entertainment, folks, and you can only find it at Open Letters, brought to you without commercial interruption and with a lovely photo by Kirsten Lewis! So imbibe all the treasures over there, and then come back over here and continue to have your self-esteems pruned to low, healthy levels!

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beepy said...

Good stuff this month, guys.