Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Cause for Celebration!

It's that time again! Open Letters Monthly is live for September, presenting its usual blend of wit, sophistication, insight, and fashion tips! Our young savant Sam Sacks examines the career of the uber-young savant Junot Diaz; Garner Linn reviews two maverick graphic novels; Ravi Shankar (no, not THAT Ravi Shankar) offers a poem; our very own Greg Waldmann serves up a delightful roast (the first of many, we hope) of an idiot luddite; the lovely Leah Lambrusco writes about the now-obscure John Evelyn; Adam Golaski debuts the concept of footnotes on Open Letters; and we here at Stevereads natter on and on about one damn thing after another. So click over and dig in - you'll come away with your mental bellies stuffed and distended!

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