Friday, February 01, 2008

February's Open Letters Monthly!

February's issue of Open Letters Monthly is now, as the kids say, live! It begins (under a wonderful photo, the very first wonderful photo the site has ever had) with a one-two combination of stunning, fantastic prose: Sam Sacks reviewing Richard Price's new novel Lush Life, and John Cotter turning in our best One Encounter to date, a very personal look at two pieces of 20th Century German art. Brian Kirker is as informative and amusing as ever in his review of the new supposedly definitive DVD of Blade Runner; Lianne Habinek reviews Jesse Ball's fascinating new novel Samedi the Deafness; grumpy Greg Waldmann takes a look at Ronald Brownstein's The Second Civil War - and yours truly can be found as always, off in a corner, ruminating on things that interest nobody else. All this - plus a poem by Chad Reynolds and of course our brain-busting Open Letters Quiz - is just a link-click away, so go, go, and enjoy! You can start by admiring the site's wonderful photo ...

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