Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Friendly Reminder!

While we're on the subject of great movies, we here at Stevereads thought we'd give you all a friendly heads-up for the Sci-Fi Channel's original thriller "Ogre" which has its world premiere tonight on that well-respected station (actually, by all accounts it's neither 'original' nor all that much of a 'thriller,' but what can be done? The air is the air). The plot involves a town whose residents (including John Schneider) have been granted immortality - as long as they continue to supply their resident ogre with human sacrifices. You guessed it: cue hapless teen visitors! The bad guys and virtually everybody on their prospective menu (including young veteran Tyler Johnston, who really ought to be thinking about moving on to broader pastures) are all Canadians, so your vicarious gore will be guilt-free! Enjoy!


brian said...

This one sounds terrific. I picked the wrong weekend to go away apparently. I'll have to catch up with it soon. You pretty much can't go wrong with John Schneider AND an ogre.

steve said...

It was fantastic! And I'm only being partially sarcastic! Schneider gave an old-fashioned histrionic performance that was unlike anything I've ever seen from him and oddly convincing, and the frightened town leaders who were his supporting cast were equally good, at least for this medium.

And best of all, the Ogre himself was well enough done so you weren't cringing the whole time (if you want that kind of special effect - and at the Sci-Fi Channel you're never lacking for it - tune in on the 22nd for 'Rock Monster'!). Had a strangely baby-ish face, until he opened his mouth and revealed all his ogrish teeth!

Definitely keep an eye out for it in reruns!