Sunday, June 01, 2008

June at Open Letters Monthly!

Let the celebrations commence - June heralds yet another issue of Open Letters Monthly, and this one is just exploding with juicy content!

The issue kicks off with a long poem by Jesse Ball, author of the critically-acclaimed novel Samedi the Deafness, but that's just a sample of the wonders that await you! Greg Waldmann writes on Israel's problematic anniversary; Sam Sacks does thorough - and thoroughly absorbing - roundup of critical reactions to controversial memoirist James Frey's debut novel; John Cotter muses on the book-length werewolf novel Sharp Teeth; our talent stable of freelancers share their thoughts and insights on subject as varied as Muhammed Ali, Etgar Keret, animal cognition, Goth werewolves, scientific experiments, and the prose of Margot Livesey. I'm also on hand, nattering on in the background about one damn thing after another.

And the Open Letters Quiz goes down swinging!

All that and much more is just a mouse-click away - so pop on over to that link and have yourself a fun hour reading!

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Beepy said...

I'll miss the quiz. It entertained and infuriated me every month.