Thursday, October 30, 2008

november in open letters!

It’s November, and this time around that means two things: a new president of the United States, and a new issue of Open Letters. As the heavily-bitten nails of the electorate will attest, the outcome of the former is still a matter of some doubt. Fortunately, the outcome of the latter is a LOCK: we have yet another grand issue for you, full to bursting with a wide array of interesting pieces (and also some by me)! There’s Sam Sacks writing beautiful prose about the nobody who won the Booker Prize; there’s Jeff Eaton writing funny prose about the Founding Fathers debating the Constitution; there’s Sara Shaffer writing indignant prose about the appalling state of pet food manufacture; there’s Astrid Van Sarisgaard writing fascinating prose about the planet Mars; there’s John Rodwan writing feisty prose about Evelyn Waugh and George Orwell, and lots, lots more! Set aside some time, pull up a comfy cushion for your bum, pull your pet of choice in close, and snuggle up next to the largest collection of great reading you’ll find anywhere this month!

And don’t forget to mark us on your calendar, jot us down in your crowded appointment book, to make sure you show up to our second Open Letters reading, Monday, 24 November at 7 p.m. at the Brookline Booksmith. There’ll likely be three readers – on three very varied subjects, naturally – and there’ll be lots of great talk and smiling faces … one of which, we sincerely hope, will be YOURS!

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