Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July in Open Letters!

Well, it might not feel like July outside, but a new month is upon us nevertheless, and that has at least one big piece of good news: a brand-new issue of Open Letters! Underneath another arresting photo by frequent Stevereads comment-leaver Jeff Eaton is an issue bursting with wonders for your delectation! Stars of film, stage, the baseball diamond, and, um, Iceland (?) jockey for your attention with more literary luminaries like Salman Rushdie, Mark Helprin, Aleksandar Hemon, and Javier Calvo. We cover video games, ancient Romans, the British arts & letters scene, and, um, Iceland (??), and we do it all with the style and aplomb you've come to expect! There's a lavishly illustrated edition of The Wind in the Willows, there's a new history of the Comstock Lode, there's the real travails of America's Founding Fathers, and there's, um, Iceland (???). Add to all that a poem (published in English for the first time here), Irma Heldman's "It's a Mystery" column, and our ever-hopping OLM blog, and you've got a well-stocked larder for your July reading! And as always, feel free to leave us your thoughts!

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