Thursday, September 03, 2009

September 2009 in Open Letters!

Well! After some very ornery technical problems (problems that couldn't behave themselves and show up on, say, the 14th, oh no - problems that waited until the 31st to show up), the September issue of Open Letters has finally hatched to greet a waiting world! And despite the fact that the delay was unintended, the issue is worth the wait! We have our usual assortment of fascinating essays and reviews (including two guaranteed treats, Sam Sacks writing about contemporary fiction and John Cotter writing about contemporary poetry), some regular features for you to soak up ("It's a Mystery," for instance, and "A Year with the Romans"), and in addition this month we have two special surprises: a photo exhibit from our featured photographer Michael George, and a portfolio of music-related articles that will take you from New Orleans to Iceland! It's a nice big plump issue, and after much behind-the-scenes perseverance, it's finally here! Enjoy!

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