Sunday, November 01, 2009

November 2009 in Open Letters!

It's November everybody - and that means a brand-new issue of Open Letters Monthly to satisfy your curiosity and gratify your senses! And as usual, we've got a jam-packed issue for you: fun, informative pieces on everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. You can read about the new version of the you-be-the-dictator video game Tropico, the new movie (and accompanying novel) of Where the Wild Things Are, the new R. Crumb-illustrated Book of Genesis, the new Richard Patterson (writing history? about King Tut?), the new set of shocking findings from the guys who brought you Freakonomics, the new novels by Pete Dexter, A.S. Byatt, and Hilary Mantel, the new movie Zombieland, and a new book about a Connecticut court case that says the government can take your house whenever it feels so inclined. We examine three new Young Adult novels, the career of Bob Seger, the poetry of Fiona Sze-Lorrain, and the beautiful city of New Orleans before Katrina struck. Our two ongoing series, "It's a Mystery" and "A Year with the Romans," are here with fresh installments, and we have a new look at a classic J.M. Coetzee novel. We top everything off with a poem by John Williams and an arresting painting by Carl Kohler.

So pull up a chair, a comfy couch cushion, or a sleeping basset hound and give us some of your reading time! And as usual, we're curious to know what you think, so send (or leave!) your comments on anything that strikes your fancy.

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