Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December 2009 in Open Letters!

December is upon us, and long before you start worrying about the nightmarish logistics of the holidays, you can sidle up to a brand-new issue of Open Letters Monthly and read fascinating, lively essays on a dozen or more varied topics, from Michael Chabon's new experiences of fatherhood to walking in a killer's shoes in Assassin's Creed II! A mammoth new literary history of America gets examined, as does Philip Roth's slim latest novel. We've got amateur theater, the tragedy of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, the literary criticisms of Zadie Smith, the juvenilia of a White House speech writer, a roll-call of international ops, and the further adventures of Spider-Man, plus lots more! So come and read to your heart's content, and as always, feel free to leave copious comments (even the Silent Sentinels of Stevereads are encouraged to say a few syllables over there!)(then come back over here and resume your customary lurking!) - we love hearing what you think!

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Megmo Eskimo said...

You should be ecstatic that I finally wrote a review!