Monday, January 04, 2010

A New Home!

A new home, and suddenly a new welcome feels in order! Despite the fact that this is the same old Stevereads, the same book-blog where I’ve spent four years and well over 500 postings chatting about books and magazines and comics and such, a new (and pretty!) location might just attract me a few new readers, and they deserve to know what they’re getting into.

Put simply, I read voraciously – and I like to write about what I read. For many, many pre-Internet decades, I exercised that habit in long, rambling snail-mail letters to friends. Then blogging came along, and suddenly this new venue seemed tailor-made to that old purpose – after all, here the same book-rants could go out to many readers at the same time (without the individualized re-copying I’ve spent many happy years of my life doing), and these postings could include pictures (actual scans of book and magazine covers, that is, rather than my omnipresent doodles in the margins). Comments could be left, and ‘tags’ could create subject-threads through which readers could brachiate to their heart’s content.

It felt natural, and it still does. So here at this new address you’ll find me up to the same old things: reading voraciously and then writing about it. The mix might be a bit different (I’m thinking, for instance, of mentioning quite a few more new books here than I did in the old digs)(and I’ve got a couple of other surprises I’m considering), but the me you find here will, alas, be unchanged!

So welcome, one and all! Naturally, this new location strongly implies that I’d like you all to read Open Letters as well – but hell, I’ve been strongly implying that for nearly three years now, so it’s no surprise to any of you.  And in the meantime, I’m hoping you’ll all settle in here and fall into the habit of regular and lively posted comments – even you folks in the Silent Majority could, in the spirit of the new year, begin to make your voices heard!

OK – on to the reading!

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