Saturday, May 01, 2010

May 2010 in Open Letters Monthly!

When it comes to weather, you never know what to expect from May. The last bitter vestiges of winter linger in its mornings, the first decadent tastes of summer can be scented in its high afternoons, and its twilights are little hours of Eden that come from no season at all. Likewise temperaments, in May: people don’t know whether to feel the crabbed reserve of the cold months or the wanton happiness of the warm ones. And so, at least this time, with periodicals! The new issue of Open Letters is here, and it boasts our greatest variety yet: essays about video games jostle with tales of 19th century New York murder; a review of Peter Carey’s new novel sits side-by-side with the ranking of five new perfumes; 1960s radical “Mad Bomber” Melville is here, but so is 1860s critic John Ruskin; two such different novelists as Muriel Spark and Joseph Conrad vie for your attention; zombies, Olympian gods, and the Austrian-born economist Joseph Schumpeter all make appearances. And topping the issue off we have a poem from Nate Pritts, a haunting cover image from Catherine Bourassa-Hebert, and an interview with the artist. So click on over and enjoy the bounty of early Spring (and as usual, if you read something you like, feel free to use that “Donate” button! Early Springs are expensive, after all)

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