Thursday, July 01, 2010

July in Open Letters!

The vaporous, malodorous, sulphurous month of July opens bright and fresh today with a new issue of Open Letters Monthly! Hoo-ray! What better way to celebrate America’s birth than by taking your iPad out to Central Park and reading our big, bursting issue as the beautiful day unfolds? We’ve got something for everybody in this issue: pieces on two aspects of the American Revolution, a wonderful appreciation of the great, fun novel Vanity Fair, a round-up of critical responses to Martin Amis’ new novel, a sensitive reading of the latest God-bothering tract from Marilyn Robinson, some scintillating common sense (don’t believe they can go together? Read this piece!) on the much-vexed subject of President Obama, even some of my usual tub-thumping on our old friends the Tudors – and don’t under any circumstances miss Brad Jones’ jazz column: it’ll teach you stuff, make you laugh, and put a lump in your throat. All this, plus lots more! It all awaits you in the July issue of Open Letters, so click on over and read, read, read!

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