Friday, October 08, 2010

New Yorker cartoons! Good and incredibly depressing!

The New Yorker this week presents the single most depressing cover-illustration of its entire hundred-plus year existence, a bleak, heartbreaking image of a husband and wife sitting at the kitchen counter hopelessly going over their bills while they're depressed, ignored little daughter does a make-believe version of hopelessly going over her bills. It's called "Discovering America," and it's by indie-darling cartoonist Chris Ware, and before you've read a single article in the issue, before you've even opened it, this cover image will make you choke up a little, perhaps even cry. So yay for the New Yorker, I guess.

As a kind of partial, straining compensation for adorning their mid-October issue with a sodden gut-punch, the issue features a quick sight-gag by Matthew Diffee that might provoke at least a chuckle from those few readers who could face opening the issue after first having had all their dreams for the future shredded by the cover:

So there's at least that, to tide us over until next week. Yeesh.

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