Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grossly False Advertising in the Penny Press!

Obviously, Dogfancy magazine thought it might be a hoot to go all counter-intuitive for their November issue's cover story about basset hounds. So the actual article by Cherie Langlois invokes the stereotypical image of bassets as lazy, sedentary couch dwellers - only to dispel it! Turns out, say top basset hound breeders, these dogs love nothing more than full-throttle action! The article is called "Hidden Talents" and revolves around the fact that back in the mists of medieval France, bassets were originally bred for hunting game over rough country.

This may be true, but I can personally attest that a bit of time has passed since medieval France. Not only might there exist the faint possibility that basset breeders aren't dealing with true representatives of the breed, but there's also the chance the the breeders themselves have a little too much kibble mixed with their bits. It would be a perfectly natural failing, considering what they have to put up with every day. Due to its basset hound cover, this issue has several ads for basset breeders, and your heart can't help but be touched when you see these hapless individuals surrounded by the misshapen progeny they're paid to produce. Looking at those progeny, the very last word that comes to mind is 'athletic.'

Possibly true, some weirdo breeders might claim - but that's only because we're familiar with bassets who've been living their whole lives in a state of pampered over-eating! These breeders would argue that the dog itself, if encouraged to lead a healthy life right from puppyhood, will turn out a champion, a marvel of canine coordination and endurance, not a sodden lump of tri-color flab who has to be shaken awake in the morning in order to lumber outside for her morning waddle. No, these breeders will maintain, basset puppies are models of lean, muscular grace - it's only our subsequent spoiling of them that impedes their taste for triathlons! For those Stevereads readers who may not be familiar with the breed and may therefore never have seen one of these puppy-paragons, here's a picture helpfully supplied by this very issue of Dogfancy:

Yes indeed, and with lots of careful weight-training and diet-monitoring, this champion puppy will be only too happy to grow into the lean and leaping go-getters we all know adult basset hounds to be.



Sam said...

What glorious physical specimens! That basset puppy has the startled, horrified look of a creature who has never before been compelled to walk through grass.

Anonymous said...

I don't know.. I've always done a lot of hiking with my Basset Hounds. My original duo could go on for miles as long as temps weren't above 70. One of them was till doing 3 mile hikes at 15. Barkley and I have done nearly 20 miles of hiking in a 3 day weekend. I get pooped before he does. He is not good at Rock Scrambles due to both his lack of ability to jump and the fact he appears to be afraid of heights.

Unknown said...

I grew up with basset hounds. And yes, even though we are not in medieval France, our bassets, all with their own personalities, do like to romp and chase each other! Some with such energy as children we couldn't keep up with them! Definitely, they like to chill and are calm in nature and extremely loving! Never saw a basset in a fight with another either. They are the most loving sad looking creatures who will surprise you with their energy!

Unknown said...

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