Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Poetry class!

Here we are again! Once again - it happens all the time - I've come across a poem I either like or am at least interested in, and once again I'm opening up the discussion to all the poets and writers (and poetry-readers, basically all of you) out there.

The LAST such attempt garnered no responses whatsoever, but surely by now you all know how little Steve likes no responses whatsoever. So here it is, the poem that struck me this time around:

He Has in Him

He has in him a road, built over
The fields of paddy,
Over the river, silted, buried,
Over the temples razed,
Over a pond of lilies.

He has abridged everything
From sunrise to sunset.
He has avoided mentors,
Birds with clipped wings,
Orgasms as disasters.

And accepted all the perils
In building a road
Like having to listen to the sound
Of tyres on tar, the wailing
Of the lilies, buried, in his sleep.

That's by Rabindra Swain, and once again, I kinda sorta like it. And once again, I await the verdict of my betters.

1 comment:

1moreslogger said...

A great poem.

This was treasure at the bottom of your blog archives, will the future have "divers"(surf to the bottom?) who carefully look over what is at the bottom of all the blog archives of writing?

I think this means your old blogs are as worthy and readable as your newest. But I speak too soon - I at the bottom of Stevereads - I think.