Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year! 2006!

We here at Stevereads began this whole web-experiment with a fair amount of scepticism. The Interweb? We scoffed at it - a gigantic, amorphous collection of mouth-breathing virgins in black concert T-shirts, too busy-handed to settle down of a candlelit evening with a good long book.

But our admirers insisted, and eventually we conceded and started this blog-spot. Almost immediately, we were convinced it was a bad idea, a losing proposition. We'd post and post, and there'd be no reply at all - just a bunch of well-wishers calling me on the phone and telling me how much they enjoyed what I'd written the day before.

And we complained about it, liberally! Many's the time we'd catch Sebastian just before he left for yet another late dinner at the Drones Club and yak his ear off, only to have him plaintively commisserate, "I KNOW! I KNOW! The world just ISN'T fair!"

Wiser heads, such as our aforementioned dear John, counselled us in patience. We were told over and over that blogs build their audiences slowly, by word of mouth, one reader at a time.

And so we kept posting, and gradually we drew responses - including those maddening few who insist of remaining anonymous. Gradually, something like a DIALOGUE came into being, and here at the close of 2006, this is a very satisfying state of affairs. (Also a HUGELY satisfying state of affairs: being able to Google ourselves!)

In 2007, we hope to elaborate Stevereads in every way: more entries, mastering that damned elusive hot-linking technique, aggressively inviting various and sundry other web-addresses to link back to this one, and of course, a steady supply of photos of stone-cold super-hottie moi!

But in the meantime, we here at Stevereads want to thank all of you who've waded into the comments field and made this so much fun! It's surely a small sign of success that so young an undertaking can already boast of such a rich gallery of distinct voices: steadfast Jeff; Kevin, who's self-evidently sweet despite being wrong about everything, all the time; dear Beepy, who occasionally drifts in from her shallow lagoon to share her manatee-thoughts; John, adding a touch of class to our sweaty endeavors; the always-peppy Sam, still the only person to use the word 'pullulate' on this site; semi-feral Elmo; the magnificent Hippolyta, who graces us all with her comments but who pines only for John; Sebastian, posting his comments from various Cambridge cafes because the sprawling home estate has no Internet access; acerbic, winning Locke, who's been sparring with me on aesthetic matters since most of you were in diapers; and yes, even the Reichmarshal (who is not, I assure you all of you who've wondered, me), who got piled on but good and still stood his ground.

And then there's the silent chorus out there! Honorees who get mentioned in these entries and who sometimes read them, but who've as yet refrained from making themselves heard - such celebrities as my esteemed colleague Cy, or The Mama Chan, or Party Grrrl, or the Nose, or My Lady Disdain, or TS Bacon, or my archnemesis Pepito, or Shy Guy, or the enigmatic Boopella. May 2007 be the year when we hear from ALL of you!

This has been great fun, and you may rest assured, we here at Stevereads are marshalling many more marvels for your mastication in the upcoming months! Tonight we head off to our little cabin at Montauk Point (with Leni and Blondi sitting quietly and obediently in the back seat, and then reposing gracefully by the roaring fire), but we shall return!

In the meantime, we wish a Happy New Year to all of you. See you on the other side!


hippolyta said...

no. wrong again steve. my one true love is sebastian.

steve said...

Sweet! Kevin, Jeff, heat up some popcorn - we're going to be treated to some hothothot girl-on-girl action!

Jeff E. said...


Three cheers for the best blog on the web! Hip, hip, huzzah! Hip, hip, huzzah! Hip, hip, huzzah!

Kevin Caron said...

Gotta love a (Google-able) blog that has me so pegged - wrong about absolutely everything, but always up for some hot lesbian action.

Happy New Year to you, too, Steve - looking forward to more of the same in 2007! I hearby resolve to read every post. There. The first New Year's Resolution I'll ever keep.

PS - Still hard at work on the top-secret Special Assignment - should have it to you soon.

This comment will self-destruct in ten seconds...

sebastian said...

Well, a Happy New Year to you all! And I'm glad to see Hippolyta's come round! I'll keep a glass of Gratien chilled!

A word about that ... and a humble request for advice. My top-notch body man Fulke has asked for the evening off tonight. No doubt for some solemn Zoroastrian torch ceremony, or however they celebrate New Year in his home country. I'm left to my own devices this New Year (well, and hippolyta's devices), trouble is, I've never worked a "cork" screw myself. I've never even seen one of the blasted things! Fulke just brings in the morning bubbly already absent its top hat, as it were. So I've taken the reigns, put on my Captain's spats, and ordered a whole box of screws straight from County Cork in the merry, wine-popping land of Ireland. Trouble is, they seem a mite small for the job. I'll be pinched if they don't look just like any old screws that you might use to repair a bedpost or, I don't know, buck-shoot a quail or something.

Does anyone out there know how to open champagne?

Hippolyta said...

no, but i'll give it a shot if you bring it round here, baby... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Boopella??? Oh I know thats me!

Steve, no matter what anybody says, you are a dear, dear man. Boopella - I'm laughing, its perfect.

Ladys and gentlemen, our host is long gone ... trust me, i lived with him for a couple of years and I know what I'm talking about - hes reliving years now long before the rest of us was here, and he'll come back sharper and more irritating than he was before!!!

No idea who most of you are, but its pretty damn obvious Hippolyta is Eileen - hello girl! never thought you'd be into the internet, but hello! Happy new year!

And steve - as always, come back, baby! you make us all young and we need that! Come back and drop me a line!

Totally drunk - Boopella!

Hippolyta said...

nope. not eileen. though i'm curious who this eileen person is since my web persona evidently resembles her so thoroughly...