Thursday, May 01, 2008

May at Open Letters Monthly!

It's that jubilant time of the month again - the first, when an eager world gets to feast its eyes on a brand-new update of Open Letters Monthly! And boy, what a feast it is this time around! We have a poem from two-time National Book Award winner Clayton Eshelman, and we have the latest installment of Adam Golaski's brilliant translation of 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,' Green. Newcomer Amelia Glaser makes a unique and fervent plea to Dmitri Nabokov regarding his father's last manuscript. Megan Doll reviews the latest from Siri Hustvedt, and John Rodwan confronts possible imperfections in one of his literary heroes. Redoubtable regulars Chad Reynolds, Karen Vanuska, and Thom Daly all turn in solid, delightful pieces, and Carolyn Grantham reviews a book purporting to be a collection of great blogs (our name doesn't come up, strangely). And of course there are the two main attractions: Sam Sacks doing a classic review/retrospective of the great Peter Matthiessen, and, after an absence from the Table of Contents, poetry editor John Cotter returning with a smart and deft review of the latest collection from August Kleizahler. And we're there as well, nattering on about one damn thing or another (including the ongoing 'Year with the Tudors,' which this month features videos, for those of you who like bright moving pictures!).

It's a veritable feast, so set aside an idle hour and dig in!

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