Thursday, May 08, 2008

worse than myself!

"I do so like it when one of my friends gets published," great American novelist Dawn Powell once said, "it feels like a cause being furthered."

We here at Stevereads couldn't agree more, and so it's with considerable pleasure that we notify (for those of you who didn't know it) and remind (for those of you who did) you all that our friend and unindicted co-conspirator Adam Golaski's book Worse Than Myself has just been published by the incredibly-poorly-named Raw Dog Screaming Press.

Those of you with long memories may recall that Adam's ongoing literary concern, New Genre, holds the singular distinction of being the only small press periodical we here at Stevereads have ever reviewed (and that to generally positive result, if memory serves). If that periodical is any indication of what's in this new book (a copy of which, inexplicably, has yet to arrive at our palatial offices here at Stevereads - we suspect a thieving intern and are planning a random firing-pogrom in response), readers who favor dark, introspective, challengingly intricate stories will not be disappointed.

So let's have a congratulating round of applause for Adam, and here's hoping those of you with a yen for the darker corners of genre-bending fiction will click on over to your favorite giant online bookselling combine and order up a copy of Worse Than Myself. We'd tell you to 'tell 'em Stevereads sent you,' but then they'd be so worshipfully nervous they'd probably screw up your order, so you'll have to go it alone!


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